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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Revenons a nos moutons....

Thank you for your kind words which were a great help to me.
The last post having served its purpose, I have taken it down.

Now...revenons a nos the parents in western France who, needing one more to make up a class in order that the school should not be closed, brought a sheep to school.

They treat us like we gave them one..... 


  1. I read about that, Fly - good for them! :-)

  2. Hello:
    If it does not kill you, it makes you stronger.......!!!!

  3. Sounds like an argument for good whisky to me....

  4. Wonder if Vincent P’s feeling a tad sheepish right now? I mean the woolly headed one from Paris, not the popular new black kid those parents gave his name to.

    Talking of black sheep…Bahhhh! – there is no argument for good whisky. Just give me a bottle of ‘Black Label’ and I’ll argue no more.

  5. Why didn't they count one child twice? Works for the EU.