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Sunday 30 December 2012

And Out Went the Light...

Fresh from having his seventy five per cent tax on incomes over one million euros thrown out by the (Sarkozy appointed) Constitutional Council, President Hollande has come up with another cracker....

Puting out the lights in Paris at one o' clock in the morning in order, as his environment minister says, to give an example.
An example of what, exactly?

An example of how to keep the Green ministers in the government and the Green party voting with the Socialists in the National Assembly while hoping no one will notice the rape of the land in the interests of private enterprise in the affair of the proposed airport at Notre Dame des Landes ....duplicating the far from overcrowded international airport at Nantes, just up the road....

An example of hoping that bullshit will baffle brains......

An example of how to annoy the Maire of Paris.....

An example of how to allow lowlife as free a rein in the centre of Paris as in the ghettos of the suburbs in the interests of equality...

Goodness only knows.

President Hollande exhausted his intellectual resources in becoming, in power, he is waiting for the economic cycle to turn up, like Fortune on her wheel, to see him re elected in 2017.

Only someone trained....not the Ecole Nationale d'Administration could have such faith in the powers of the classical Roman goddess to scatter good fortune as she rolls through the darkened streets of Paris.

Experience would indicate that she will either be mugged or that no one will notice her passage.

However, there is always a positive side to things. Depardieu has departed for Belgium, so the hostesses of Air France can put aside their bleach and mops.

Still, the lights are going out here too. but not in sympathy with Monsieur Hollande.

I had hoped that the stalking problems were over.....but find that they are not.

Already, I had been thinking twice about what I wrote about, but when, while staying with my mother, some limb of Satan saw fit to call her to ask if I were actually in  Europe or just laying false trails on the blog it was clear that the pleasure in blogging here was no adequate justification for having a woman in her nineties disturbed and upset by an obsessive.

I have enjoyed all the comments made, the friendships found, the opening of horizons offered by blogging......and would like to thank you for all the pleasure you have given since I started to blog.

I will continue elsewhere...away from prying eyes.... and would be very happy to meet you again there. Send me an e mail, should you have the inclination, and I'll send you the new address.

Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Maybe everyone is leaving? The old "last one out switch off the lights routine"?

    1. I'd better translate that into French for the benefit of the French oligarchs now voting with their Gucci shod feet....

  2. Hollande is becoming a travesty of himself after only 9 months. Heaven help France by the time he's been there 7 years!

    Of course I'll be following you to your new abode. :-)

    Happy New Year to you and Mr Fly.

    1. I never thought much of him...but he has exceeded my misexpectations.
      (Only five years now....thank goodness...)

      Look forward to seeing you and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. I just read your CR post and am so annoyed on your behalf that this is happening. And for your mother to be bothered by them is a disgrace. I have emailed you


    1. Thank you. Mother's tough old bird but this upset her.

  4. *sings*

    Then he nailed right through a cable
    And out went all the lights

  5. dark it looks without the lights! Happy New Year to you.

  6. and noone had seen Gerard here in Belgium yet
    he did buy a (small) house here though it seems
    in the meantime, he had contacted Putin in order to seek Russian nationality...
    to be continued

    1. Sorry for such a late reply...I think it was Bloggered!

  7. Damn! There goes one of my long-ago-favourite pastimes of climbing the Montparnasse tower at night (perfectly legitimately using an escalator, no lycra or Milk Tray being used or harmed in the process) and playing "name that cemetery" by identifying the dark areas on the night cityscape.

    Am sorry (and amazed) that someone has been cyberstalking you. And am only glad that I managed to force my way back into cyberspace in time to find out you were going. I hope you'll let me follow you wherever you may be off to...I would hate not to have your blogs to look forward to!

  8. I'm glad to hear that no lycra was's a much abused fabric...

    My e mail is on the profile thingy...

  9. I have a feeling that M 'ordinary' Hollande will be scrubbed from history, once his term is ended.

  10. But his debate with Sarkozy won't be....'Moi, President de France...'

  11. Lovely people those who comment here.

  12. Turning out the lights in a major city doesn't make much sense at all - it's bound to cause problems.