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Friday, 11 June 2010

A game of tag

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Pueblo girl has tagged me. Because I've been quiet lately. That'll learn me.

I don't think I've done tags before, so I shall have a go.

I have to answer ten questions put by Pueblo girl, then think up ten more and finger five other people...I think.
This must be a blogging exercise as opposed to blogging...I think.
It is going to be messy...I know,  as I generally spend more time wondering what questions are really asking than actually answering them.

Pueblo girl's questions.

What music/tribe defined you as a teenager?
I was a bit lost here.....I liked classical music and Handel was a favourite as was Purcell, but I also attended a Rolling Stones do at the Epsom Baths hall - as most of us did simply because our headmistress strictly forbade us to frequent such a depraved occasion, so it had to be good.
It was, I've been a fan ever since.

Urban or rural?
Um...when? Always lived in the country, worked for years in town, ideally would love to be able to live in St. John's Wood, a real rus in urbe, but could not afford to, not being a kept woman.

How old do you feel inside? And how different is this to your real age?
I feel thirty. I have felt thirty since I was a teenager and nothing has changed since.
Damned different!

Worst relative story, please?
Um...worst relative or worst story about relative? I can do nit picking for hours...
What about visits to my aunt when young?
She and her husband used to share one hard boiled egg for breakfast. When I visited, the egg was cut into thirds. Luckily lengthways.

What are you reading at the moment?
'Fred' by John Arlott. Again.

Who/what pushed/inspired you to start blogging?
Writing to friends about why I didn't sing from the same songsheet as the 'living the dream' magazines it struck me that a blog was easier than endless round robins.

Are you a learner or a teacher?
A learner...a serial learner. I have taught - briefly and adults - in my time, and I enjoyed it but there is a distinct dearth of people who have the faintest interest in what I am capable of teaching.

What it your pet hate?
Cruelty. In any form. Big or small.

Your word is law. What is your first decree?
Children are to be properly educated. Taught to read, write and do maths. Properly. No PC indoctrination, but the analytical tools which will fit them for their life enable them to form a question and evaluate the answer.
Don't know where I'm going to get the teachers, though...

Swanky bars, or sawdust on the floor affairs?
I don't think a swanky bar would let me in.
Not too sure about the sawdust on the floor ones, either.

Now I have to think of ten questions.

Resisting the temptation to ask 'When did you last see your father?' or whether you think you could better the last words of Pitt the Younger ''I think I could eat one of Bellamy's veal pies', here goes.

1.  What will you be doing while the football world cup is on?

2.  What picks you up when you're down?

3.  Indian or China...we're talking tea here, not economics...

4.  What do you value most about blogging?

5.  What can't you bring yourself to throw out of your wardrobe?

6.   Would you rather someone didn't ask your views on controversial issues?

7.   Do you recommend people..and then wish you hadn't?

8.   Do you own up to reading light novels, or hide them under the cushions if visitors arrive?

9.  Content with your own company or gregarious?

10. One thing which would noticeably improve your life.


I now have to pass this on to five happy campers...none of whom need do the least thing about it.

Ayak at Turkish Delight now that she has run out of weeds....

Home is where the Marmite is  for when playing with the crutches palls a little...

Jo at France for Better for worse to give more ammunition for prevarication...

Crumpet at Survive France for the five o'clock in the afternoon slot....

PigletinFrance to stop her seeking out her husband's grandmother....

And that is that.

There are several other bloggers I would wished to have tagged but they have either been tagged recently or are very busy.
If anyone else feels like joining in, they are very welcome.

I won't be quiet for so long ever again. I have been taught a lesson.
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