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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Heartfelt Blogger Award

Ayak, at Turkish Delight has been kind enough to pass me the Heartfelt Blogger Award for blogs which make you feel cosy and warm inside.

It is an award which Ayak richly deserves...her blog is always honest, sometimes hilarious and always one I'm glad to see popping up when I switch on the computer.

I must pass on the award and tell the recipients.

Well, there are some blogs I read whose authors might be a bit miffed at the idea that they might be making someone feel warm and cosy.....they would probably prefer something like 'The Edgy Blogger Award', which is not real - as far as I know - and makes me think of someone falling over a cliff.

There are others I read who are not into awards....and that's their's their blog, after all. Which is one of the nicest things about blogging - it's all down to you and you can do as you please.

So if there are any offended Edgy Bloggers among the following,  please forgive me. I just enjoy your blogs.

Do take the chance to visit and enjoy....

truestarr at Prospero's Cellphone, whether in her adopted Corfu, in the U.S.A., or, wonderfully, in Belgium, has a blog of close observation of the detail that makes up a life, so I hope she will be posting again soon.

Cogitator's Corner of France  offers a varied diet of life in the Mayenne region, from guests to gardening with some stunning plant photographs which please me greatly.

Open Toe Shoes details an artist's life in Costa Rica, seen through an artist's eyes...

I should say that the recipients aren't bound to do anything at all about the award...they're all busy people with busy lives...but it is nice to be given the chance to show appreciation of blogs I enjoy.

Thank you, Ayak.

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