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Saturday, 22 August 2009

There is a great deal that I wish to say......

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but the man in my life has been carted off to hospital, so life is turned upside down again. He is bearing up under treatment so far, so that's a positive. I just wish that after various experiences with French hospitals I did not feel that ever after I have to check and double check that he is actually being treated and not just left lying in a coma......thank goodness for the family in Belgium for whom nothing is too much trouble in troubled times.
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  1. Hope he is well very soon. Good luck xx

  2. So sorry to hear about your other half, how worrying for you. I hope they keep you informed. Keep us posted!

  3. Hope he is OK, Fly. My fingers are crossed for you both.

    Thank you for all your supportive comments when you've got so much on your plate.

    (WE'VE WON! We've got "The Ashes!" Hurrah Hx

  4. Frances, thank you. He has a fortunately rare problem which means that if he catches a bug he becomes paralysed. So far so good, but after his last time in hospital when I discovered that he had been left in a coma without treatment it was a great relief to see treatment started as soon as he hit the intensive care unit. Never believe what they tell you about the French health is very much the curate's egg.

    Hadriana's Treasures, you have a fair bit on your plate as well...hope everything works out for you.
    He is stable, which is something, but I have to wait until he finishes the cycle of treatment before I can start breathing again.
    Could not believe the fourth day of the Test! I was sure that it would go into tomorrow and faced trotting into the hospital again with a tranny clasped to my ear!
    Wonderful result! I shall feed the dogs some steak to celebrate!

  5. The French health system isn't so bad, is it? All countries' health systems have their strength and weaknesses, I know.

    Hope he gets better soon!

  6. Hope they treat him better this time, and that you get to start breathing again soon. All the best.

  7. Zhu, the French system is great for elective surgery, but, in my experience, not so hot in other areas. All health services have their problems, but I get tired of seeing the French system lauded to the skies to newcomers to France. It can be good, it can be otherwise, like anywhere else. What happened last time is beyond belief in a hospital where he had been an inpatient and an outpatient patient for eight years.
    Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Pueblo Girl, thanks...they've stopped the deterioration, so that's one good thing. We'll just have to see how much damage he took but I'm hopeful that as the treatment was started at once he might escape without too many long term problems. Be nice to breathe again!

  8. Sorry to hear that and am keeping everything crossed for you both. x

  9. Kit kat, Thanks so much...we've been through this so many times over the years but it doesn't get any better.

    Thanks, everyone, for your support, it does help.

  10. Oh my word, I do hope Man makes a speedy and full recovery! Best wishes to you both.
    PS - great about the Ashes!

  11. Lis of the North, I discovered that he had become totally paralysed except for vitalorgans before starting to pull round.
    However, so far his treatment has been exemplary. What a relief!
    I'm still enjoying the Ashes result!

  12. I am very sorry to hear this and send my best wishes he will recover.

  13. Zuleme, thank you very much.....he has made progress and he is very touched by the kind support from people who read the blog.

  14. I'm just catching up so have just found this.

    Hope all's well for you both now,


  15. GG, thanks....things are going well. Such a relief after the last disaster.