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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Thank you Ayak

Well, after much head boiling, bad language and throwing heavy objects, I have finally managed to get the award up on my blog.
It has only taken, don't ask!

I am very grateful to Ayak, not only for the award, but for being so encouraging about trying to overcome my incompetence with computers.

I enjoy Ayak's work so much, and Turkish friends tell me that she portrays Turkey and its' people very accurately. She also takes pity on abandoned dogs and gives them a happy life which is in my book one of the best things one can do. Her posts certainly add sunshine to my day.

She suggests passing the award on to two more bloggers, so, although I haven't asked their permission and hope they won't mind, here they are.

Jimmy Bastard


Views from the bikeshed

These are two men who can really write...differing themes, differing styles, but both can move you.

James has not been well recently, so I wish him well and hope to be reading him again soon.

Now, Ayak, it's links next......


  1. Well how nice is that! You write pretty well too, but I guess that's why you have the award!

  2. Ooh a whole post dedicated to lovely...I'm blushing. It wasn't difficult to give you encouragement. I have really had to learn everything about computers by trial and error..added to which mine is a Turkish laptop so most tools and instructions are in Turkish. But I know just how wonderful it feels after you have achieved one small thing after hours of trying.

    I just knew you could do it! Now links...I've only just managed these myself. So...

    When you are writing your post and want to add a on to "Link" and a box comes up. Where it says "Text to display" type in what you want it to I usually put "here" or "link" . Where it says "Link to" paste in the link. Now at this point I don't want to assume you know how to copy and paste, so if you don' need to go to the website or blog you are intending to link to, and put your cursor on the url: (where is starts http)...right click which will highlight it in blue..then when the box drops down left click on copy. Then you afre ready to paste it into the doing a right click...paste...left click. Press OK in the bottom left hand corner...and that's added.

    Apologies if you already knew some of this...or if I've made it sound complicated. I'm not that good at giving instructions, but I'm pretty sure another blogger will come along and help too.

    Hope that hasn't left you even more confused.

    And...don't give're doing really well!

  3. Oh sorry, forgot to ask - what am I supposed to do?
    Anything? Nothing?
    Ho hum

  4. Oops...of course you know how to copy and paste because you did it in your post...silly me...sorry!

  5. give you some more practise...there is another award awaiting your collection over at my blog.

    Of course it's not just for practise, it's a truly well-deserved award. xxx

  6. Mark, I enjoy your blog, thus the can pass it on if you like, it's up to you entirely.

    Ayak, I'll try! How you manage with everything in Turkish I do not know...I have problems with computer English...doesn't somehow seem like my language any more...still, onwards and upwards...thank you for the award.