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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thank you again, Ayak

Thank you, Ayak.
I have been trying to do something clever and put all the awards on one side of my blog, but, head boiling, bad language and throwing of heavy items notwithstanding, I couldn't do it, so, apologies for the delay in putting this up.
I'm working on links...water is boiling on the hob as I write....and what about links to my own past posts?
You know, you're going to regret giving me awards...I always come back with a demand for a tutorial! It's not your fault I am so dense!
I'm missing your blog while you prepare for your trip, but you will be forgiven if you return with a few more pics of Billy.

I would like to suggest three blogs which I enjoy very much.

And I still think so

This is always varied but unvaryingly well written. Addictive.

France and the unknown

A lovely honest blog about settling down in France, with a special resonance for anyone who loves and cares about animals.

Pearl, why you little

The title says it all! I laugh and learn...especially new words like 'exit wound' to describe the intensity of a chilli......

I hope you visit these sites and enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Congratulations on the new award! You certainly deserve it! I'm going now to check out the new winners.

  2. Mary Anne Gruen, thank you!
    You will enjoy all of them, I am sure.

  3. Congratulations to you, and well deserved. I have enjoyed your musings greatly since finding your blog. It's beautifully and thoughtfully done.

    And thank you so much for your consideration and plug of my blog. Considering the source I'm highly flattered.

  4. Fly: When I put the awards down the side of my blog I just use the control panel and Add a gadget...then I use the one for adding pictures. (Having copied a pic of the award first) then once you've added the pic as a gadget you can left click and hold your cursor on the list of gadgets added and move them around to get it in the right place. Now I'm pretty sure other people have an easier way of doing this, but you know we are very alike with our pc knowledge (or lack of it) so I do things that work for me...and this does.

    As for linking to your own posts...I haven't done that myself but I think you will first go to the post in question and copy the link from the top of your screen, then paste it into a link as per previous I say not tried yet so can't guarantee it will work. Again someone else will know better I'm which case we might both learn something!

  5. Ayak, as always, you come through! I understand your directions, whereas the friend with the brain shows me, and because she is doing it, it just doesn't click.
    There is the small problem of my cackhandedness, and inbuilt inability to organise work on the computer, so getting frustrated and messing off for a cup of tea instead of sorting the problem....

    mr.writeon, can you turn a compliment, sir!

  6. Congrats for the awards. You deserve it.

  7. recipes for the life. Thank you.Have a look at the three blogs...I really enjoy them.