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Monday, 7 December 2009

Awards time...

Previously (Very) Lost in France - now Home is where the Marmite is...has been kind enough to give me an she finds time to blog while moving, settling kids into schools and getting her book organised I just do not know. It takes me all my time these days to open the post and faint at the tax bill revealed therein. So,while I am bringing on the smelling salts, let me pass on the award to blogs I enjoy.

Or I would be, if this blasted machine would let me copy and paste. As a bad workman should, I blame the tools. They can't answer back.

The blogs will appear in due course, properly labelled and linked and goodness knows what, but for now, just look them up......yes, you can do it. I might not be able to, but you can.

Prospero's in Corfu from the viewpoint of someone who has lived in an awful lot of other places......lovely photographs, too.

Hadriana's on the Wall, and sometimes up against it, but this is a girl with guts. More lovely photographs.

French Fancy.....a great communicator...and lovely photographs of her bichons.

My apologies to these three super bloggers...I will get the links sorted, promise.

Oh, I forgot. I have to give out three random things about myself.

1. I can't use a computer.

2. I like Flanders and Swann and sing their stuff when no one is in earshot.

3. Mind goes blank when asked for random things about myself.
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  1. Thank you very much, Fly. I humbly accept. (I also love your description of me...which sounds very egotistical...but when I've just put the children to bed I feel as gutsy as a sack of potatoes!) Nevertheless I am very honoured to accept your award. I enjoy reading your blog when time allows. I love your attitude. You tell it how it is.
    I was thinking today when a neighbour stopped me on Haltwhistle High Street that I must be nuts. I prefer living on a ex-council estate with some very none run-of-the-mill characters. This chap stopped me to say "hello". He is dressed as a fifties teddy boy (he must be in his sixties or seventies). He cycles everywhere. He was declaiming that he was very pleased with the digital switchover as it had left him with no telly to watch. He was now catching up on 20 years worth of recorded videos and could also now read his books in peace.

    His second cat, which had lived with him and his wife for 15 years, used to be walked around the garden on a dog's lead as he didn't trust it off the lead as it got into fights.

    His wife is still grumbling as she misses Emmerdale and Coronation Street. He says that she is coming around to watching the videos though...

    Life in Haltwhistle. Never a dull moment. As they say. Hxx

  2. That should be "non" run-of-the-mill-characters!!

  3. Hadrianas Treasures, I could do with neighbours like time to steal my ducks, too busy watching videos...
    I enjoy your blog....again, you tell it how it is with what is going on in your life, but there are also the super photographs which make me wish I was not so far away, or that we could do some tourism.....but we can't, so that's that.

  4. Oh goodness, Mr. Fly has just told me that how I described you could have alternative meanings to having problems! The infelicity did not cross my mind, and if it crosses anyone else' is not what I meant! Apologies!

  5. Fly- thanks for your generous comments. I'm quite sure I'm not nearly as capable as you make out - if I was I wouldn't be writing this at 1am! I didn't think there was anything untoward in your description of the lovely Hadriana.... until Mr Fly pointed it out! Naughty boy!

  6. PVLiF, well, just keep up the seem pretty organised to me!
    As to Mr. Fly, naughty boy just about sums it up!

  7. I can't make it copy and paste either! Bloody nuisance

  8. Rosie, what puzzles me is that it did it before...I will have to call on Ayak!

  9. Thank you so much my fellow France dweller. I'm sorry I don't pop over as often as I should and to remedy the situation I've now got you clamped to my sidebar and will comment much more speedily in future.

    I loved your random three things - will pick this up in a post or two

  10. French Fancy, life's busy enough without feeling obliged to fellow bloggers! Drop in when you like!
    The random three things came from PVLiF...hers were much more interesting than mine.