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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Circle of Friends Award

Thank you Previously (Very) Lost in France for the Circle of Friends Award.

I am supposed to state five things that I like to do and pass the award on to five further bloggers.

That is the first thing, then....being able to show appreciation to people whose work I enjoy.

Secondly, I like to put a little spoke in the wheel of the 'everything in France is wonderful' brigade who I think do a dreadful disservice to people wondering about whether to make the move to France. Starry eyed enchantment and self deception are fine as self indulgence, but not as the basis of a radical change of life.

Thirdly, I enjoy my friends, whether to talk with them direct, write and receive e mails and letters or natter on the telephone. Thank goodness for Skype, as they're a far flung bunch.

Fourthly, I enjoy politics. Politics whatever and wherever, from the maneouvrings over the allocation to the local school to the fiasco that is the United Nations.

Fifthly, I like to garden. I like to observe the daily changes out there as I trundle about with wheelbarrow and fork.

Now, to the five blogs.
I don't ask any of the recipients to carry out the 'obligation' that goes with the award...they're all pretty busy people. It's up to them.

Turkish Delight has always been a delight to me.
It will not surprise Ayak to know that I can't make my machine do copy and paste any least, not where I want it to do it, so the URL, as I think it is called, is

The Old Biddie of the Old Biddie's Life is a good, kind and wise friend both on and off the net, at

Pueblo girl, with insights not at all limited to socks, SO and whippet always makes me think at

French Fancy, THE site for boots and bichons, is great in itself, and also for the discoveries to be made on the blogroll - one of the best comments sections, too

Hadriana's Treasures - brings her area of the U.K. to life with her interest in its' history

All lovely blogs.

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