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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Awards Time

Frances, at France and the Unknown and the Cheshire Wife were both kind enough to give me the Sunshine Award.
Both blogs are super, though very different in style and one regret is that both are too busy to blog as often as I would like!

I would like to pass this on to Home is where the Marmite is, the blog of Previously (Very) Lost in France whose blog reveals life as it is in today's U.K. - and makes me laugh a lot.

I would also like to pass it on to Lulu LaBonne at Earwig Sandwich, whose foodie activities take place alongside organisational feats which have me gasping. She also uses the Silver Spoon cookbook.
Look on her works and be gruntled.

Ayak, at Turkish Delight, has been kind enough to pass on to me the Prolific Blogger Award which comes with conditions.....thanks to Ayak's wonderful course in computing for numpties, I can now fulfill them!
This is a great read, an honest and kindly account of married life in one country, while the rest of the family - especially Billy - are still in the U.K. Nomatter what worries she has, she always has time for others. A lovely lady.

The conditions.

I have to link to the blog whose writer awarded it me...done.

I have to link to this post which exlains the motivation for the award...done

I have to link to the same post and add my blog to the roll so that we can see all the awards and have all the fun of finding blogs new to us.....done.

Now for the seven prolific blogs.

The voice of  Jimmy Bastard is silent at the moment, but you should not be deterred from visiting his blog for a unique expression and subtle analysis.

Pueblo girl's blog always has my immediate attention when it appears. Her love of her adopted home, and her clear eyed analysis of life as opposed to the dream make it a 'must read'.

Sunflower Ranch is always a good stopping over point...everything from scenery to politics and a regular writers' challenge to keep you occupied.

Keith, over on A Taste of Garlic does a public service by his research into and publication of good blogs about France and you'll find something for all tastes within.
The cartoons by Perry are nice, too.

Dash at The French Sampler is one not to miss, for super photography not to speak of the lives of the demi-mondaines which feature from time to time!

France this way...the blog is a mine of information. Anyone thinking of 'living the dream' could make this a starting point for good reliable help.

Postcards from across the Pond is a site upon which I have been lurking for some time. So I now know what a 'Prom' is, and have gathered to my astonishment that there is something obscene in Horsham.

There are other blogs which I love to follow, but as this is supposed to be categorised as 'prolific', I've had to leave aside those with a gentler pace of life.

Thanks again to those kind enough to think of me when giving out awards.

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