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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bugger Blogger!

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I know it's all my own fault...but, bugger Blogger!

I found their comments section...thought it was just a storage mechanism and started deleting happily...until I finally realised that it was deleting comments from the blog itself!'s blasted spam section had not quarantined the person whose unpleasantness made me decide to go for comment moderation in the first place.

I apologise to all of you kind enough to leave comments....but,

Bugger Blogger!
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  1. God forbid you should ever try to end your Blogger blog - they may have fixed this but a few years ago it would not allow you to leave. You could delete individual posts but the blog headings remained forever, usually with porn spam attached. The fascism prompted a lot of people to move to WordPress...

  2. gets worse!

    I do have a WordPress site ready to go but I've been too busy to try the trauma of shifting what's on here over to there...

    I need utter peace, a darkened room and unlimited access to the bottle of gin a kind friend has just brought over.

    All I need is the blog post called Every Rural Frenchwoman is a Lesbian with porn spam attached!

  3. Blogger's spam filter seems a bit haphazard to me. It picks up the occasional comment from my frequent spammer whilst ignoring 3 others. Blogger has never been very user friendly; sorry it's causing you bother!

  4. Steve, I know that I should be more careful with anything to do with technology....never let it be my finger on the nuclear button...but it never crossed my mind that the brute would delete comments which figured on the post page...

    I went for Blogger because there was no way I could manage assumed all sorts of knowledge that I will never possess and I would never have been able to manage WordPress either...even at the basic 'open a site' level...without the very kind help of Howard Farmer who explains the big words to me...

    I really didn't enjoy re reading the comments from the unpleasant person which I thought I had safely buried.

  5. Oh Fly. This is such a nuisance. I do sympathise. I'm actually getting fed up with Blogger just lately...there always seem to be problems. But like you, I don't think I could manage any of the other alternatives.

  6. Ayak...I still don't see that there was anything to tell me that deleting something on their wretched Comment section would delete the comment from the posts...grr!

    Blogger is still messing about...I get a notification of a comment by e mail...and then Blogger wants my password which it then won't accept..though it will when I go to Blogger directly. Drives me potty.

    I'm trying to get to grips with WordPress, but I need a bit of peace and quiet...which won't happen for a while!

  7. Fly: I have the same problem with Blogger not accepting my password if I go direct from the email to the blog. So I have to go to my Dashboard then click on the relevant blog. It's so irritating.

    If you do eventually get to grips with Wordpress...let me know...maybe I will change. It's just the thought of transferring everything over to a new system. etc, etc....aaaargh!

  8. Ayak, that's it...but it used to work, so I don't see why it doesn't now.
    Aaaargh is exactly how I feel about transferring any or everything...I'm sure I'll lose the lot...but I'm getting more and more tempted to try.

  9. I feel your pain!

    I have actually set up a WordPress site too, not public yet, but can't be bothered to transfer stuff etc.

    I've had "issues" with Blogger over the years but before I get too angry I remind myself that it is FREE! Typepad charges.

    A year or so ago I got some vile spam and so introduced the moderation thingy - but occasionally some weird comments pop up, often in Chinese.

    Bon weekend!

  10. Dumdad...yes, free appealed to me too..and it was easy to get started. Only further down the line did I become aware of the problems!
    Weekend looking good so far...Twenty Twenty Finals Saturday and friends to lunch on Sunday...just doesn't leave much time for WordPress...

  11. Poor you! I tried to set up a Wordpress blog but couldn't work it out at all. I couldn't even manage to get a post online yet so many people rave about it. I've had no problem deleting blogs either. Lots of interest from China though!!!

  12. P(V)LiF...I'm trying to get used to WordPress by doing something for 1st-for-french-property on it....but I don't find it very easy.
    I'm certainly not going to swap until I feel happy with it.

    Now Blogger has struck posts aren't showing on followers' reading lists!

    Probably Blogger's revenge!

  13. Mmmmm... wordpress , blogger - all the same to me. The techy stuff is just such a trial - gets in the way really.

    So yes bugger em. I agree.

  14. Mark, I'm really not interested in complicated bits and pieces with names that mean nothing to me..I just want something that puts up what I put down.

    Blogger was certainly the easiest to get started on...but now it's playing up more and more.
    Currently, people on my followers' list can't get my latest blog entries on their reading lists....
    I think I'll just buy a megaphone...

  15. I hope you get it sorted, I found blogger so much easier than the expat website I used before, but I haven't experienced those problems yet. Let us know where you go though!xx

  16. Roz..yes, it's usually fine, but just lately has kicked up big time.....refusing passwords, not linking comments to the site and now not updating reading lists when a post appears.

    I've put up a question on its' help forum, but to date no reply.

  17. One word: WordPress.

    I moved in August, there are less options, but way less bullshit.

  18. Jazz, thank you. I will make the attempt once the visiting season is over.

    I still don't see why it stops followers of my blog getting an update on posts...I tried the 'help' forum...but to no avail.