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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Facebook, Bin Laden...and 'outrage' ...2

"French Law"; "En Danger De Jus...Image by umjanedoan via Flickr
I suggest you read the post made by Maitre Eolas on the subject of the chap jugged for expressing himself on Facebook.

It will be good for your French, it will make you laugh like a drain...and it is a first class exposition of the law on the subject.
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  1. Is that braying I can hear?

  2. Steve, the law being an ass the hands of the wrong people.

  3. So, did anyone make the necessary appeal?

  4. Love the last para:
    Aussi peu sympathique soit ce prévenu, s’il y a une chose que le parquet exècre plus que les jeunes imbéciles qui outragent simultanément la gendarmerie et la langue françaises, c’est les décisions de justice illégales.

    Surtout s’il en est à l’origine.

    He has a marvellous turn of phrase and humour. The story is, well, what can one say... an illuminating account of the typical works of the French inJustice system.

  5. Mark in Mayenne, I don't know.
    He doesn't seem to be the brightest lamp on the
    Christmas tree...or he would have removed his number plate before setting fire to the car, so unless he has a good lawyer....

  6. Sarah, he's a gem, isn't he?

    What gets me is that a gendarmerie bigwig takes the time out from his important job to go to court!
    And that this shows the court how serious it is!

  7. He obviously hasn't got a good lawyer - or perhaps he thought it was so banal he wouldn't need one. A lesson to us all. Or at least those of us daft enough to use facebook!!

  8. Roz, and how indicative it is of the self importance of the gendarmerie to take such nonsense to court.

  9. Well what gave me the biggest laugh was that I had to use Google Translate to read it and thus ended up with this...."This friend led, he should not do, since it is subject to suspension of driving licenses. Suspension understandable since boldly undertakes a prohibited direction, which is not well under the eyes of policemen, which is not malignant."
    Ha Ha, don't you love it?
    Clippy, (who should have stuck in during French class a bit more).

  10. Clippy Mat, that is priceless! It's like the instructions that used to come with Japanese goods in the 1960s...lots of squiggles and then a translation that made you think that the chimps had been let loose on the typewriter again...

  11. I do not understand why France and its judicial/legal system has not been mocked more than it has been - or maybe it has and I am just the proverbial ostrich.

  12. French Fancy, I suppose people don't know much about it...and then, the French aren't too keen to take a poke at authority anyway, it tends to poke back.

  13. Fly, thank you for bringing me into the world Maitre X. Such a wonderful turn of phrase. I roared with laughter. He reported it slightly differently to the franco forums!

  14. P(V)LiF, he is super, isn't he?
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it...his translation is something I'll treasure for years.

    now i'll have to poke a stick into the murky waters of the franco forums....