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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Test Post

Just a test as Blogger won't allow me to put up page posts and have tried everything I normally do without avail


  1. Tried it again and it worked! Mark you, it did that before and promptly decided to stop working....

    Take cover, Ayak....external hard drives are one and so Bloggger is something else!

  2. My google reader downloaded about ten posts from you this morning - all at the same time. I think they were old posts

  3. Mark, I think Sarah had the same's probably letting the Christmas spirit go to its virtual head...

  4. I had the same thing, a huge load of posts, all said Costa Rica, but, the one I replied to, the Gnome post, was French Leave, so, weird, huh?

    I thought, 'Good grief, woman! YOU'VE been busy this morning!'

  5. Same here...very confusing!