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Monday, 26 December 2011

Spanish practices.....

Which may explain some of the problems of the clubmed countries in stimulating their economies.....


  1. Too true! Have a wonderful 2012!

  2. I didn't realise they'd been filming when I went to register as self-employed.

    Not surprisingly, the government was able to cut civil servants' pay packets by between 5 and 15% without a single murmur from the rest of the population last year. In fact, I'd say there was quite a lot of rejoicing.

  3. e, I haven't (yet) had this in Costa Rica....but, France!
    Let's hope for a good 20|1 for us all...

    Steve, so would I!

    Pueblo it was you. I might have guessed when the concealed stapler appeared...

    And I can guess at the quiet rejoicing too, though cuts are never good news for those undergoing them.

  4. Well, my Still-Significant-Other was one of those who had his salary cut, so just as well I managed to register as self employed, despite severe opposition. I keep watching the video - it's brilliant. The toothpick is spot on. As is the crumpled paper at the end - I've been waiting for my tax rebate since last April...

  5. Pueblo is a beauty, isn't it!
    Is the salary cut one of the reasons for wishing to reopen the abattoir cafe?

  6. been there!! brilliant!

  7. getrealfrance, super video isn't it...I like the Clint Eastwood moment with the stapler...

  8. Fantastic, Fly!! SO well observed. :-)

    Mind you, the same mindset is being observed nowadays in some UK government agencies. My brother-in-law has been trying to register a lasting power of attorney and his application had been refused several times for the most minute errors (and no corrections allowed) Every time a new application and new fee! Grrr!!!

  9. Perpetua, never say we British learn nothing from Europe...a friend in London reports increasing problems with her local authority, who seem to employ staff who like to dish out problems with a sort of 'well, what can you do about it anyway?' air.