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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sunshine Blog Award from truestarr

I must thank truestarr for this award, which gives me a bit of a puzzle as it is one I would have liked to have handed on to her if she had not already...well, you get the gist.

Her blog, Prospero's Cellphone, deals - mainly - with her life in Corfu from her own unique viewpoint and it makes me very sorry indeed that I never made it to that magical island.

There are conditions.
I have to pass this on to twelve bloggers and let them know I've done so, while providing links to their blogs.

I think that's all, so, having benefited from Ayak's specially designed 'computing for numpties' course, here goes. I would like to have passed it on to Ayak too at Turkish Delight, but truestarr got there first.

The Cogitator at a Corner of France always provides wonderful photographs, an update on life in the Mayenne and food for thought - the mince pie recipe has been tried to destruction in this household since finding it.

Clippy Mat has me laughing fit to bust at times with her tales of life and work in Canada.

Hadrianas Treasures is a blog by a savvy lady who has abandoned banking and scuba diving for life near Hadrian's wall. She's not regretting it either. A wealth of information.

Keith Eckstein's a Taste of Garlic has been a wonderful way to discover blogs about France...nice to have the work done for you!

nodamnblog is an essential part of my day....words, photographs, stories, comment - and she writes good books.

Mary Anne Gruen on starlight blog has  a great american blog...I've learned a lot about american women who never made it to my history books and a great deal more beside.

Grumpy Old Ken is anything but...guess the object makes me realise I'm not so young any more, though....

Kitty at la Cheshire Chat has closed her blog thanks to a it for yourself and see what we miss when the law is so inadequate at controlling these people.

Mark's Views from the bike shed are unmissable. I'm delighted he's back to blogging because he opened so many doors for me when I was in a rut and he always makes me think.
Eventually I'll manage to sort out my ideas rather more elegantly before commenting, but his posts rouse such enthusiasm that the fingers are on the keyboard before the brain has turned the ignition key...he'll cure me in time...just keep reading the blog.

Sarah, at St. Bloggie de Riviere tells France how it is, from insulting swindlers to counterfeit digestives - nice not to be alone in the sea of 'living the dream'ers....

Jimmy Bastard can never post too often. The man can write. The man can tease. The man can wring your heart.

If you like fun, then you can rely on Jon on the Vendee Blog. We seem to inhabit two parallel universes though only a few hundred kilometres apart in France, and I enjoy his accounts of his activities - can't wait for the promised video, either.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and, again, thank you to truestarr for giving me the chance to thank them and suggest them to other readers.

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