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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Thank you, Dash

Dash, at French Sampler has been kind enough to pass me this 'Vraiment Francaise' award, which is a compliment coming from someone whose blog is so enticing, both in words and photographs.
I would like to pass this on to some of the blogs I enjoy which are based in or deal with France, so here goes.

No Damn Blog is my daily fix...based in France, it is a sort of seek within for everything you are not at all sure you wish to know...stories, photographs, new and wonderful words and how French hospitals con you into using them by using handsome doctors as decoys. I love it.

An Old Biddie's Life is another I always look forward to reading. A no nonsense blog of family, business and life in rural France with a wonderful feel for nature.

Lydia's France  is a lovely blog, full of interest whether she is posting about her job, her son or her novel-to-be.

Soyez la Bienvenue Chez Moi is Dedene's account of her life in central France, with French husband and his family, local events, national events...she covers a broad canvas and I'm always glad to see a new post.

There are others, some of which Dash has already covered in her award giving, but a great source of more is Keith Eckstein's 'A Taste of Garlic', although unless he is willing to undergo a sex change, a 'Vraiment Francaise' award is not for him....

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