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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Costa Rica Calling

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I have given up hoping to wangle Blogger into putting up my Costa Rica blog so have followed the good advice of Perpetua and Phil...amongst others...and started all over again by importing its content into a new envelope, as it were.

It is still called

Costa Rica Calling

but it now has another URL...which looks like the sound I made when trying to shift it over.

Despite the clearly expressed advice I had managed to get it all arse about face and now am putting this up in haste as a thunderstorm is about to engulf us, making pulling the plug on the computer a matter of urgency...and also because I note that Blogger refuses to save anything I have been editing....

I shall try to contact followers on the old blog.....but, for the moment.....

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  1. Steve, between reviving memories of the Clangers and changing blog sites...URL is all I can say!

  2. Oh you are clever..and I'm glad this would appear to solve the problem. Must go and delete the old URL and replace with the new one now...if I can manage that small task!

  3. Ayak, it was't my's all thanks to the dynamic duo of Perpetua and Phil!

    Now, when you click on to the Blogger help about importing and exporting blogs I found it gave me the information in the wrong sequence for me, if you see what I mean.
    Read it all first, then export the first blog and import it to the second.
    I spent ages looking for a file which did not exist because I hadn't exported anything!
    Another chapter in the numpties book....

  4. So glad it worked, Fly! It took me a couple of goes to remove the old listing from my blog roll, but it's done now and the latest post is now showing.

  5. Perpetua, many thanks for the idea!
    Isn't the blog world nice!