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Friday, 14 October 2011

Thank you the dynamic duo....

Scarlet macaws near Jaco, Costa Rica                             Image via Wikipedia
I had reached the stage with my Costa Rica blog that I was about to revert to my old habits...throwing heavy objects and boiling my head.
Nothing would get the brute to put up new posts....

And then the voice(s) of sanity came to my assistance....

Perpetua told me what to do....


Phil showed me how to do it.

So I've given it another try...and just put up a new post which, to my delight, actually appeared!

The blog is still called

Costa Rica Calling

but it's got another URL...

Aren't there some super people in the Blogosphere!
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  1. Yes there are some wonderful bloggers about aren't there? Who would believe that we could make friends for life with people we meet on the internet and never face to face.
    Well done Perpetua and Phil...and well done you for getting it sorted out xx

  2. Ayak and don't think I forget for one moment all the help you've given me since starting to blog....but, yes, how strange - at least for someone of my generation - to make friends that one has never seen!

  3. I agree too... some lovely people out there amid the geeks and nutters

  4. John Gray, luckily the geeks and nutters seem to avoid me...

  5. Having just read your scathing expose of DSK, I think they're too scared to tangle with you, Fly. ;-)

    Glad my idea was useful and that you had Phil to tell exactly you how to achieve it.

  6. Perpetua, what with Frederic Mitterand on the right (though ex PS) and DSK on the left, I can't say French politicians are an appealing lot...

    Many thanks for your idea...though I'm glad that Phil had the patience to talk me through the practicalities once I'd discovered I was getting in a mess doing it!