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Saturday, 18 July 2009


I am having trouble with the layout on this blog and have lost the contents of the followers section, as well as a mess on the music bit.
Apparently it is all to do with Internet Explorer 8.
I wish to apologise for the discourtesy to the kind people who follow this blog, and I hope to be able to sort it out....eventually.
If only all this came with instruction books....I used to be a whizz with those.

And now I discover that past blogs are coming up in blue type on a brown background...unreadable!
Or this is just what comes up on my dashboard?

I am now going to attempt the impossible...alter something, somewhere, somehow, so, given my handlessness with technology, this may be the last post you ever see.


  1. Fly!!! Oh, no!!! Say it won't be your last!!! :(
    I just checked in and I see the Followers are intact, and other posts below are coming up with the brown print on the parchment inset and the dark brown background -- as always.

    One thing that seems to be new is a huge sidebar on the left with an advertisement for Blogger. You might take a look at that in your Customizing section where you can arrange your elements. You can move them around.

    As for IE8 it is utterly dreadful. Until they iron out the bugs, you might wish to try Firefox by Mozilla. If you Google it, go to the site, download and use it. Use tabs and you can switch from one one webpage to another quite easily. Somehow it is less encumbered with code and is quite a bit faster than IE. I use both, as necessary. Some pages only load properly in IE, others [most] in Firefox. [Blogger looks great in Firefox.]

    I wanted to ask you about the Tour d'France. Have you attended any of the stages? We love to watch it on TV. It is a beautiful postcard to France, despite the fatal accident between police motorcycle and innocent racing fan. Very sad and very unfortunate. Otherwise, it is exciting from a far-away observer's point of view.

    Good luck with your modifying and don't quit!! Remember what Scarlett O'Hara said in Gone With The Wind, "Oh, fiddle-de-dee! Tomorrow is another day!" Hopefully, by tomorrow all will be well at French Leave! :D

  2. Sunflower Ranch, thank you!
    If I understand it correctly from your post, things are showing clearly to the visitor to the site which are not when I look at it.....
    I'll look at that huge sidebar too.
    I always dread touching something in case catastrophe follows, but, as you remind me..'Tomorrow is another day' and if all else fails I will bushwhack my kind friend who understands computers to sort things out. Trouble is, I feel guilty as he is so kind and so busy helping people all the time.

  3. As to the Tour de France, I have had it pass close by twice in the time I have lived in France and will post shortly.

  4. If you wait long enough, the blue type becomes normal again and the page becomes readable and is well worth the wait.

    I've just installed Internet Explorer 8 too and have moments when I'm tempted to chuck the whole lot into the lake.


  5. Not Waving but Drowning, thanks for the reassurance. I always think it is me when something goes's that for egoism! In this case I know who installed it....the usual suspect....and I know who will have to sort it!