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Thursday, 30 July 2009

More apologies and a cry for help

I thought I had sorted the 'followers' problem..but I'm not sure I have. I can't sort the muddled print on the music line.
Now I have an ad for Scientology which seems to come up all the time. I signed up for Adsense and I thought that Google just put up stuff which related to the content or the geographical spread of readership.

Now, I haven't mentioned I have though. Twice. So why is this ad appearing?

Has anyone had similar experience or could anyone offer any advice? I would be most grateful, as the internet world is something I find fairly baffling.


  1. I have similar problems (and my blog doesn't even remotely mention the things the ads are related to!).

    I'd be curious to know if there is a tweak.

  2. Zhu, thanks for the reassurance..I was beginning to think it was something I'd pressed when I shouldn't.
    I am a bit bothered by it...I even had it turning up on the page where it tells me that the post has been published!
    If I can't sort it I'll cancel Adsense.....if I can work out how to do it.

  3. You made me laugh out loud! I tried the Google Adsense thing, but it kind of incensed me with repetitive and often irrelevant ads so I gave up. Maybe if you opted for a few smaller ad sizes in that column rather than the big one you'd might be more lucky and get a different advertiser. I bet the scientology marketers go in for the big boy ads!

  4. Frances, I shall have a look at what I did...if I can ever remember how to get back to it. I think senility set in early in respect of computing. Anyway, it was doing small adds until recently..and then THE THING popped up.
    The adds they put up amused me....some of them I even put up to have a look at as I wasn't allowed to click on them directly...what we will do to pass our time!
    Thanks for the advice, I was getting bothered. I could just imagine if the Wee Frees worked out how to do this...terrifying images of 'the meenister' looming up as one opened the blog...or the penitence stool....lucky it was just the Scientologists, I suppose.

  5. Frances' suggestion to use the smaller adds seems to have worked, there's no mention of scientology there this morning!

  6. mondraussie, thanks!
    It's still on mine when I put it up...goodness only knows what's happening, but I'll keep on checking adsense to see if the settings are altering all on their own. I just have a feeling that there is something out there.....

  7. Just a thought from a cyber guardian
    You DO have good antivirus protection and you are all up to date with your Microsoft patches?
    Because, honestly, the things I could relate about what goes on in cyberspace would make your toes curl...

  8. Mouse...I think so....a friend with a brain visits on sundays, so I'll ask her to check.
    I think what goes on in cyberspace is probably too dreadful to be contemplated...but if you're not careful,I'll ask you!
    Thanks for taking the time to help.