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Monday, 12 April 2010

Awards Time

Mary Anne Gruen over at Starlight Blog has been kind enough to give me the Happy 101 award, for bloggers who make one happy.

It is very pleasant to be thought of in this way, especially when I consider the people who seem to be quite unhappy with my slant on living in France. Clearly I don't tread softly enough on their dreams.
There is a relate ten things that make me happy.

Number contest. When Mr. Fly is well enough to be his happy, witty, affectionate self.

Number two. The company of friends, whether in person, on the blower or on the net.

Number three. The dog.

Number four. Books and more books.

Number five. Politics, any sort, anywhere.

Number six. Decent newspapers. Don't exist in France.

Number seven. A good wine cellar.

Number eight. Twisting the tails of the unco' guid.

Number nine. Cooking.

Number ten. This is just wishful thinking, but I would love to have the bank account details of the lawyer who tried to stuff me in the interests of a local politician so that I could pass them on to the many Nigerian scamsters who seem to wish to buy my house in cash. It would make me very happy.

I would like to pass on this award to......

French Fancy, which  is a blog I eagerly look forward to reading...such a sympathetic, lively person and with a comments section that is unrivalled for interest. But she doesn't acept awards, so I'll just have to pass on my thanks instead.

Ayak at Turkish Delight is also someone whose blog I appreciate. She is honest, kind and whatever her own situation always has time to encourage others.

And I Still Think So is a blog that gets the little grey cells working...always well written it is a delight to see it popping up in the sidebar.

Hadriana's Treasures kindly gave me the  Knockout Read award....we both love cricket...and I would like to pass it on to Frances at France and the Unknown. I have no idea whether cricket features among her many enthusiasms but her blog is certainly a knockout read.

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